Introducing The Massage in Schools Programme.
(Peer to Peer massage.)

 “The vision of the Massage in Schools Programme is that every child
attending school experiences positive and nurturing touch every day…..everywhere in the world.”            

Nicky will work with key staff and class groups in order to introduce and embed this programme into your school in a way, and at a pace that is right for you.

  • Awareness raising. Introduction to MISP.

  • Planning and development of resources.

  • Observations to “baseline” prior to introduction.

  • Production of Policy, Rationale and Protocols.

  • 2x visits to teach the routine to the pupils.

  • 2x visits to build and embed the routine.

  • Observation to assess involvement during/after implementation.

  • Production of Impact Statement.

  • Parents’ workshop.

4 Days



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