The mission of the Massage in Schools Programme is “to provide high quality and professional training to all teachers and caring adults willing to bring nurturing touch into schools.”

The Massage in Schools Programme is a programme of positive touch and clothed peer massage .The children learn a simple massage sequence which is given by the children to each other, working in pairs. The children wear their normal clothes and give massage to each other on the back, shoulders and arms.


  • To promote the wellbeing of children in the knowledge that nurturing touch is a basic need and a powerful tool to help children develop into healthy adults.

  • To give children the chance to experience nurturing touch at school in a safe and creative way.

  • To promote an ethos of respect for self and others, as children request permission to massage and say “thank you” at the end.

  • To encourage children to use their voice. Those who do not wish to join in can observe or do an air massage.

  • To develop positive communication. Children are encouraged to express their preferences regarding the strokes .They can say what they like or dislike and how much pressure and at what pace the massage should be done for them.


  • To improve focus and concentration.

  • To improve co-operation.

  • To increase a stronger sense of self and higher self-esteem and confidence.

  • To reduce rough play and aggressive behaviour.

  • To promote a calm atmosphere.

  • To encourage empathy and respect.

  • To enable children to recognise the difference between good and bad touch and develop a language for that.

  • To engage in a common experience.

  • To encourage and develop imagination.

  • To improve communication.

  • To start the day “learning ready”.

  • To enhance learning opportunities.

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