SEMH Intervention for a named child. Emotion Coaching.

Mindful Emotion Coaching has 5 identifiable steps:-

  • Become Aware of your own and the child’s emotions.

  • Connect by using emotional episodes as an opportunity to recognize and acknowledge feelings.

  • Listen and watch to understand the child’s use of metaphor and build on this.

  • Name emotions and create a meaningful vocabulary for the child.

  • Find good solutions by setting boundaries, creating strategies and becoming reflective.

Key aspects of Emotion Coaching will include:-

Self Awareness

Managing Feelings

Social Skills.




Feelings just are.

Having feelings is O.K

Hurting people is not O.K.

Being hurt by other people is not O.K.

Feelings can be explored and expressed.

Safe expression of feelings is healthy.

We can use many ways to explore and express our feelings.

We can understand our feelings and be in charge of how we behave.

Behind anger there are feelings of hurt, fear and powerlessness.

The Intended Outcomes are that the named child:

  • can describe his physical appearance and acknowledge his uniqueness

  • can identify his “gifts and talents” and those of other people

  • can explain what he is good at and what he likes, and what he dislikes and is less good at

  • has more names for feelings than he did before

  • can use more words to express his feelings

  • can explain when he is being impulsive or when he is thinking things through

  • can describe the links between how he feels, what he thinks, and how he behaves

  • can explain how his behaviour may affect other people by imagining what they might think or feel

  • can identify when a feeling is weak or strong and what this is like for him

  • can explore how certain calming behaviours can help to reduce the intensity of some of his feelings

  • develops stronger friendships

  • becomes increasingly engaged with learning opportunities


1:1 Sessions provided flexibly to meet the needs of the setting.

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