The Pivot Point.

Leading Ourselves, Our Teams and Our Children.

A full day of training and workshops to enable teams and
individuals to support themselves and the children in our
schools as we assimilate to the “new normal.”

In order to reduce the impact of time spent away from school and
provide a platform for a Recovery Conversation. This day is
designed to:-

  • enable teams and individuals to reflect upon the impact of the sudden changes we have all had to make in recent months

  • identify some simple tools and models to promote leadership from within

  • maximise the opportunities for individuals and teams to develop flexible and adaptable approaches in uncertain times

  • allow us to explore a PACE approach to support our children in the best ways we can

There will be some taught content, individual activities and the opportunityto work in smaller groups.

The Pivot Point can be delivered to groups of around 12 people live and via Zoom, or face to face and in person (allowing for Covid Safety Considerations.)

This training affords the opportunity for us to consider how we have processed the rapid and shocking changes of recent months. Together we can explore some tools and strategies to enable us to “check in” with our inner team and C.O.A.C.H. This can help us to resource ourselves as we move forward and enable us to remain Clear, Calm, Confident and Connected. Many of these tools are immensely “shareable” and may be useful for our children and young people too. We then examine the principles of PACE (Attachment and Trauma) as a means by which to support our staff and children and young people.

The Pivot Point is a day’s training and can be broken into 2 chunks. Via Zoom, these chunks can be delivered either on the same day or on two separate days. ( Live and face to face training takes place over one full day.) The training is interactive with time for personal reflection and joint working in breakout rooms.

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