NLP in Schools

Working in the changing world of Education today is a constant challenge. Increasingly, children and young people present with more complex needs and behaviours may be very problematic.

We are discovering that there is no “quick fix” or stand alone programme that does the trick.

NLP not only provides techniques, strategies, and solutions to the challenges of teaching and learning and motivating and engaging pupils , it goes further. It enables teachers and school leaders to develop the flexibility of response to create their own changes.

The benefits to the schools

Schools benefit from using NLP to promote increasingly effective communication skills amongst leaders and all staff, thereby improving the quality of teaching and learning for pupils.

Some practical outcomes gained from the use of NLP in Education

Teachers and School Leaders will :

  • communicate more effectively using the power of language with precision

  • change negative and unhelpful beliefs they and their pupils may have and so change behaviour

  • establish and maintain rapport to win others round

  • understand the “filters” of their students so they can create more flexibility in their learning

  • use models of language patterns that create useful learning states for their students and gather more information about their needs

  • set effective goals and targets with realistic and achievable outcomes

  • manage their own state quickly and easily

  • help pupils to access and build internal resources and so become more active learmers

  • use metaphor as a powerful teaching tool

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